What Are WayBoardz?

mariq 2The future is here and it consists of travel by WayBoardz: a new type of hover board by local Scottsdale, AZ business friends by the same name. While you do not actually hover off the ground, the sleekness of the board as it glides across various surfaces makes it seem as if it is taking you off the ground and defying gravity.

However, not everyone seems keen on calling the hoverboard a WayBoard. According to the BuzzFeed poll started by BuzzFeed News Reporter Alex Kantrowitz, many people on the Internet want to call it the “Hands Free Segway.” Which in theory, it acts like it: like Segways, riding WayBoardz are all about being good at a full-body balancing act. You stand on the board and use your weight to shift the board back and forth. Unlike the Segway, a WayBoard does not have a steering handle for turning and for speeding up or down. Instead, riders will have to steer carefully by balancing on their feet, making subtle changes in order to turn.

Will we see WayBoardZ on Scottsdale streets? Definitely soon! According to Twitter, WayBoardZ should be getting in sometime this week, and they are still taking orders for them at $399 until November 1st! We can imagine that it will be a big hit with the students across the way from us. We are also imagining that with the learning curve, there might be few cracked iPhone screens. We’ve got you covered when it happens, and we hope you’ll roll up and see us when it does!

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