At our stores, we’ve seen it all when it comes to iPhone repair. Though we typically get a lot of cracked screens through our doors, we’re also familiar with customers who need a new battery for their iPhone. Here are a few tips to make sure that your original investment lasts, before you need a battery replacement.

1. Charge your battery correctly. Most smartphones use a lithium-ion battery, so there’s a special way to keep your battery in good shape before it starts losing its ability to hold a charge. According to Digital Trends, topping off your battery when it’s anywhere between 50% to 80% helps

2. Dim the lights. Manually dimming your lights and implementing a sleep or lock screen is a great way to reduce the amount of energy wasted, whether or not you are using your phone. You’ll save your battery and the need to charge it when you dim your lights, especially at night or in well-lit settings indoors.

3. Toggle off wifi, data, location, and push notifications. Turning off features you aren’t using immediately–such as wifi, location/GPS, email and app notifications, even your data–can go a long way conserving your battery. For example, if your phone is having a hard time getting service (such as when roaming or in a remote area), switching your phone to airplane mode is good for your phone. Or, if you’re home and have the option to use wifi calling, you can turn off your data and save battery that way.

4. Get an app for it. You can use your cellphone as a tool to help monitor your battery, as well as help you manage all the tips above. Apps like the Go Battery Saver and Power Widget offers many settings that can help you see what’s draining your battery, and with some pre-set modes, it can switch your phone into a more energy-efficient profile. Many of these apps allow you to dim your lights, turn wifi and Bluetooth on and off, and more.

If your battery is on the brink, come visit us. It might be a technical, interior problem, or a dying battery that’s plaguing your phone. Whatever it is, come in, and we can fix it in little to no time. For more help and phone care tips, contact us.