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Could Your iPhone Have Touch Disease? (Touch Not Working)

What is the most frustrating thing you can think of off the top of your head? Stubbing your toe? Misplacing your keys? What about your phone being completely unresponsive to touch? You don’t have to drop your phone or mess up a system update for this to happen, and your iPhone 6 or 7 might be just be a short time away from it happening to you. This may seem crazy, but a lot of micro-soldering specialists are pointing to an apple manufacturing flaw as the reason for this issue.

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How to tell if your phone battery is dying

Battery life can be one of the biggest factors when you decide
to purchase a new phone. It’s the reason that when we start having problems with
our batteries it can be understandably frustrating. You don’t want an hour of
total battery life when hiking, getting work done, or really any time at all.
This article will cover why and when you probably want to ditch that old battery.

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DIY iPhone Repair: 3 Reasons Not To

It’s finally happened: after one too many drops, the screen to your iPhone has cracked, and you’ve joined the thousands of owners that walk around with a cracked screen. Sometimes functions properly, other times, you can’t pick up calls or recognize what is on your screen.

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Broken Phone? Don’t Replace, Repair!

We’ve all dropped our phone. As it tumbles to the ground, you have just enough time to hope the impact isn’t too bad. Sometimes, luck is on your side, and your phone is intact. Other times … not so much. When your screen is cracked or the phone is otherwise damaged, you have a few options. Depend

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3 Common iPad Problems: And How We Can Fix It

The iPad and iPad Air are great tablets, but as with all devices, they can develop performance issues from wear and tear. However, we at Quick Mobile Repair have seen it all, and can easily get your iPad back to functioning just like it did out of the box. Here are three iPad problems

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