Getting your iPhone repaired seems like a no-brainer for some, but for many of us, we like to avoid the inevitable, especially when our cracked iPhone screen can still respond to our touch. But from experience, we know it can get worse. When you don’t repair your iPhone, you are vulnerable to:

1. Water damage: It happens: you leave your phone on a counter or a table, at home or a restaurant, and maybe some water drips from the server’s water pitcher, or you knock over that mug of coffee and your phone soaks it up like a sponge. Maybe the dreaded apple screen shows up before it blanks out, or maybe you just get a black screen. Either way, your phone has stopped turning on, most likely because it short-circuited once the water got into the phone. Has it met certain doom? Maybe. But it could have all been avoided if your got your phone repaired.

2. Dirt and grime: From forgotten cookie crumbs in your pocket to that impromptu beach trip, your phone again can get into serious trouble when faced with ugly, corse materials. When grains of sand get stuck on your iPhone’s screen, your phone might have problems sensing your touch, making it harder for it to respond. Getting it fixed will keep dirt, dust, and grime from further damaging your phone.

3. The final fall: If you’re prone to dropping your phone and your screen is already cracked, that last drop might be the last of your phone. An already cracked screen leaves the entire phone vulnerable, since it’s not strong enough to continue to withstand any more forces. If it hasn’t already been affected by water or dirt exposure, one more fall will surely do it in.

You can avoid all these scenarios by getting professionals like us to look at and repair your screen. It will only take minutes of your time, and will save you so much heartbreak at the end. For more information, visit us.