The iPad and iPad Air are great tablets, but as with all devices, they can develop performance issues from wear and tear. However, we at Quick Mobile Repair have seen it all, and can easily get your iPad back to functioning just like it did out of the box. Here are three iPad problems we’ve seen people with, and how we can address them in the shop.

iPad will not charge: The iPad port is a sensitive area that can easily get damaged from constant use or improper connecting/disconnecting practices. A damaged port can lead to the iPad failing to charge or connect to computers. If you’re having connection problems and it’s not a faulty cable, we’ll look at the electrical hardware to determine whether or not your port needs replacement or repair.

Wi-fi connection not working properly: The iPad is a great on-the-go tool when it can connect to wi-fi networks, but once that disappears, it can leave owners frustrated. Sometimes it’s just a software issue that needs troubleshooting. Solutions could include “forgetting” networks in order to add them back to reconnect, or needing to restore the iPad to factory settings. However, the wi-fi antenna can also be damaged or malfunctioning. If you’ve tried resetting your device with no success, come in and we’ll look at the antenna.

Cracked screen: Yes, it can happen to the iPad, and there are repair and replacement solutions for it! Though more people end up breaking their iPhone screens, the iPad screen can crack when dropped or not stored carefully within a case in a backpack or purse. We can do both a LCD replacement and/or a screen/digitizer replacement, depending on the extent of the damage.

 Your iPad hasn’t bitten the dust yet! A little extra care might be all it needs. We also offer services for corrupted batteries, unresponsive power, home or volume buttons, and more. For more solutions to your iPad repair, contact us.