Battery life can be one of the biggest factors when you decide to purchase a new phone. It’s the reason that when we start having problems with our batteries, it can be understandably frustrating. You don’t want an hour of total battery life when hiking, getting work done, or really any time at all.
This article will cover why and when you probably want to ditch that old battery.

1.) Swelling (Replace ASAP)

If your screen is lifting in the middle, if your phone is bulging, or if your phone is getting fairly hot whenever you charge it, your battery needs to be replaced immediately. When the battery reaches this point, it has a possibility of venting. Venting will stop a battery from exploding but will still have a high possibility of lighting on fire. If you have a phone model that is hard to take apart or requires special tools, take it to a trusted technician to make sure that it is removed properly and safely. Not using or charging your phone may be the best course of action until it is repaired.

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2.) Your Phone Won’t Power On

While a swelling battery is the most unsafe symptom of a dead battery, If you can’t turn on your phone it is most likely because the battery is completely dead. Every battery has a certain amount of times that it can be charged, and it just may be time. If you feel that it is too early for the battery to be dead, certain habits like leaving it charging overnight can shorten the overall life of the batteries you own. It’s worth a read to see some of the bad habits you may have!

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How to you’re doing wrong 3 bad habits are ruining your phones battery

3.) Short Battery Life & Dying Early

If the phone is powering on, and it is not swelling, there are still other symptoms that let you know the status of your battery. If you find that your phone goes from 80% to 50% quicker than usual, it could be a sign. As well, your phone dying early also points to these issues. When it starts dying at 20%, it is most likely the battery coming to the end of its life.

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Hopefully after reading you can accurately tell whether you need a battery replacement or not. If you are still unsure, there’s no harm in taking it to a technician to get a second opinion. Some places (Like Quick Mobile Repair) will test your battery for free so you can know before deciding what to do next. Next week we’ll be talking about what to do if your phone is not charging. Check out these links below for more relevant information and pictures.
Thank you for reading.

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