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iPhones: You’ll be out the door in less than 20 minutes! We’ve spent years honing our craft to offer the fastest iPhone repair times in the nation, and as Apple’s phones are the most popular product we repair, we always keep its parts in stock at every location so you won’t have to wait.

iPads: These repairs are often a bit more technical, but we strive to complete most jobs within 24 hours. We always keep the most common iPad parts, including screens and LCD displays, in stock at all of our locations

Samsung phones: Most Samsung repairs take under 30 minutes to complete, and we stock the parts for the most popular models we service in-house at all times.

Other Android phones, tablets or computers: Please come by one of our locations, call your nearest store or fill out our online booking form so a Quick Mobile Repair technician can assess your device’s issue and give you an accurate estimate.

We’re proud to fix everything from cracked screens to drained batteries to water-damaged motherboards, but because the parts and labor of every repair vary, there’s no set standard price for a device repair. Click here to get a free estimate of what it would cost to repair your smartphone, tablet or computer.

We are no strangers to corporate repairs and have a lengthy track record of handling high-volume clients, and are always excited to form new professional relationships with businesses across the U.S. Please reach out to us at for additional B2B repair information and pricing details.

If you’re planning on switching services or if you’ve got a carrier-locked device— meaning it is only compatible with one cell phone company, such as Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile—we can unlock it for you.

In addition to our regular repairs, we also buy and sell both smartphones and tablets. We have both new and refurbished cell phones from major carriers including Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile, and our locations across the country always have a healthy stock of devices for sale in-store.

If you purchase a phone from us that we don’t have in stock, we’ll order it as soon as possible and within 2-5 business days, you will have the device in your hands. We always perform diagnostic tests on all devices we carry and offer customers our free One-Year Warranty on any device purchased.

Quick Mobile Repair will buy your old phone! We have a selection of both new and refurbished iPhones, Samsungs and Androids in stock at all times, so feel free to stop by any of our locations nationwide to get an estimate on how much we’d be able to pay for your device.

Our free One-Year Warranty covers any components of your smartphone, tablet or computer that have been repaired or replaced by Quick Mobile Repair, or the entire device if you purchase one that’s new or refurbished from one of our stores, from the date of the original transaction at no cost to you.

Issues covered under our One-Year Warranty include both manufacturer defects or any errors that may have been inadvertently caused by a Quick Mobile Repair technician, including but not limited to:

  • Screen not accepting touch
  • Screen lifting from frame
  • Visible lines in the display or screen glitches

Please note that our One-Year Warranty does not cover water damage or physical damage that is not that fault of the manufacturer or a Quick Mobile Repair technician. For example, if your recently repaired phone falls out of your pocket and the screen cracks, that would not be covered.

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