Get your iPhone ready to sell

Let’s say you’re due for an upgrade, or you have an old iphone that you’re looking to sell. There are a few steps that you need to take before hand to make sure that it is usable to the person you are selling or gifting the phone to. Let’s go through them so we know for the future.

1. Remove your iCloud!

This is the most important step, so we’ll cover it first. The iCloud is the individual account that is tied to your email. You set this up when you started using the phone to download apps and to make any transaction. From your home screen, navigate to settings. Right at the top of the screen will be your iCloud account. Click on this and it will bring you to a page that has information about your backups and other settings. At the bottom should be a button that reads “Sign out of iCloud”. Enter your password and it will remove it from the device.

2. Remove passcode or reset to factory settings

It will be far easier for you to remove the passcode rather than the person who receives it from you. To perform this, you’ll want to navigate to settings again. Once there, click the “Touch ID & Passcode” option. Then tap “turn passcode off” It will ask you to enter your passcode, and then it will remove it from the device.

3. Factory reset your device to protect your personal data

The last step is to remove any personal data from the device. In settings, tap on the reset option. Go to reset all content and settings. This will bring up a menu asking you to confirm. Once you click erase all of your files and settings will be set to default. You’re done!

You’ll know the phone is completely reset once you are back on the white welcome screen. It is now completely reset and ready to sell/gift/recycle. We have a lot of phones that come in “iCloud locked” from people not removing their iCloud, so we hope that this guide can help a few of you out!

Thank you again for reading and if you enjoyed, check back in for weekly content!