It’s that time of the year where high school and college students are graduating! And with that comes with that period of gift searching. But for a teen (especially a student from our neighbors, Deer Valley High School) or college student that already owns a cracked iPhone screen, why not gift them with an iPhone screen repair?

With as many as 1/4 of iPhone owners carrying a cracked screen, you mostly like know a student that can use a repaired screen. For any recent graduate, money can be very tight.  And with a phone that’s out-of-warranty, graduates might not feel the need to put up the cost to repair their phone, even if it means running into problems later. Overall, gifting a repair:

  • Is a great deal on your end. A repair for a perfectly working iPhone is a lot cheaper than buying a new one. Quick Mobile Repair also provides competitive rates for their repairs, which means it’s still cheaper for you out-of-pocket, without a warranty. We also guarantee a 30-day warranty (which might be perfect for the phone-dropping-prone teen). In addition, we also buy-back your old iPhone, in case you want to upgrade anyway.
  • Looks and feels like a new phone: A repaired phone can really make a grad’s day. Not only will your grad be able to keep a beloved phone for longer, but it’ll look just as good as it did out of the box.
  • Is quick to get done: Even if you decide to repair the phone at the very last minute, we’ll have it done in 30 minutes. You can even get it done before the graduation ceremony (but we don’t quite suggest coming in that late!).

So send off your recent grad with a repaired iPhone: they’ll be thankful for the thoughtful gift. For more help and advice, contact us.