What is a model number?

A model number is a series of numbers and letters assigned to a phone model by their respective manufacturer. There is a lot of information on and inside your phone, so finding this can seem daunting. Worry not, after reading this you’ll be an expert.

1.) Look on the rear of the device

On many models of iPhones, LG, Android, etc. this information will be found on the back side of the device. Simply take your case off if you have one and look to see if there is the name of your model.

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In this case, we can see that this is a Samsung S7 and S7 Edge respectively. For apple, you may see something like “A1660” This is the model number that you would find on the back of an iPhone 7. These model numbers can change based on the carrier that provides the phone (AT&T, Verizon, Etc.) They can also change for different types of models. For example, an iPhone 7+ will have a different model number than the regular 7, and the iPhone 7s.

There is one more little-known variation of model numbers that you should know, if you have the same exact phone, 2 iPhone 8s. If one is Verizon, and one is sprint, It will have a different model number! The “Why” of this is a little complicated but just know that it is very important to know your model number for repairs and software, so you get the right parts or repair that you need on your device.

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This process may be a bit broad as there are different menus for each phone manufacturer, but after reading this step by step, you will be able to find this info on most phones.

1.) You will want to start by unlocking your phone and getting to the Home Screen.

2.) The next step will be to open your settings app. On most phones, this is a picture of a gear. It may be on your home screen, or you can swipe down from the top and find it there.

3.) Once you are in settings, there will be a lot of different categories. (Display, Security, etc.) What you want to look for is “General Settings” If this option is not present, look for “About Phone” on the main page. Once you enter general settings, you will find “About Device” under one of the options. This will lay out all your phone’information, including *Ding* Your model number! Follow this same process for any phone, and you’ll be on your way.

3.) Check The Battery?

If you can’t find the information on the back of the phone, and you can’t access your settings for whatever reason, because of power failure or a broken screen, you can find your model number by opening the back of your phone (LGs are easy to pop off, but you will most likely need some help if it is an iPhone or Android as they require specific tools to open)
tucked under the casing of your phone, you’ll see your battery. Reference the picture below to find where the model number will be.

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Can’t Find It?

Worst case scenario, if you are completely stumped on where to find your model number, I suggest that you look at your manufacturer’s website for more information. Some products are manufactured differently, and their website may tell you exactly how to find the model number. If you know the name of your phone but not the model number, you can usually search “iPhone x model number” or “Samsung S9 model number” and it will show on the first results.

Hopefully after reading this, you will be able to find the model number you are looking for and the process won’t be so frustrating. Thank you for reading. If you want to check out some sources of the photos or find more information, check out the sources listed below.

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