Could Your iPhone Have Touch Disease? (Touch IC)

What is the most frustrating thing you can think of off the top of your head? Stubbing your toe? Misplacing your keys? What about your phone being completely unresponsive to touch?

You don’t have to drop your phone or mess up a system update for this to happen, and your iPhone 6 or 7 might be just be a short time away from it happening to you. This may seem crazy, but a lot of micro-soldering specialists are pointing to an apple manufacturing flaw as the reason for this issue.

How To Tell If Your Phone Has It

There are 2 VERY clear symptoms of Touch IC, one symptom will get progressively worse, and the other is present in most cases of touch IC.  If you feel that your touch is slow, or not responding correctly, you are most likely experiencing this. When you power your phone, you will see grey bars, lines or squares in the top of your display. This is absolutely being caused by these issues. The 2nd sign doesn’t show up every time, but if you repeatedly try to  touch your screen, and it not responding, changing the screen will not help.

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Why is Touch IC happening?

Touch IC is caused by something below the screen, below the LCD, on the motherboard of the phone. There is a motherboard chip called Touch IC that translates our fingers into a language the phone can understand. The design flaw that we talked about earlier? They didn’t secure the chip properly to the board during manufacturing. It starts lifting and cracking, and our phones stop working.

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How Do I Fix This?

Save yourself a trip to the apple store. It will be retired by any apple guru you talk to. They don’t make these repairs in store, so you’ll be waiting 1-2 hours for them to sell you a new phone essentially. If you don’t want to buy a new phone, there is a fix to your issues. If you can find a qualified Technician, they can fix and secure that chip with soldering equipment and get your phone functional again.

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Although it can be an incredibly frustrating problem, whether you go with an apple store or phone repair shop, I hope that you have the information necessary to decide what to do with your phone next. This issue is common mostly on iPhone 6 and iPhone 7s.

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