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2601 W Dunlap Ave Suite 17 Phoenix, AZ 85021
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We are in the complex behind the shell gas station!

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iphone repair & computer repair phoenix

iPhone Experts in Phoenix, AZ

Are you looking to get your iPhone repaired in Phoenix? Good news for you Quick Mobile Repair is home to the FASTEST iPhone repair on the market, and with five locations around Phoenix, you are never far away. We have broken down the science of iPhone repair and can complete most iPhone repairs in under 15 minutes! Next time you drop your phone, no need to stress; we will offer you a free diagnostic and a real-time, cost-effective quote on your service because your life doesn’t need to slow down because of a broken phone.

iPhone Battery Issues

Does your iPhone seem to run out of battery faster than it did when you first bought it? Or maybe, it feels like you are always in need of a charger? Well, you are not alone! Over time batteries start to degrade and start holding less and less power as time goes on. We offer a FREE battery diagnostic on your device along with affordable replacements for all iPhone models to give your device the fuel it needs to last throughout the day.

Broken iPhone Back Glass

With wireless charging becoming a standard feature in all iPhone models from the iPhone 8 up to the most current iPhone 12, glass back panels are required to enable this feature to work. Like the front of your iPhone, the back glass is very delicate, and without proper protection, it can quickly become cracked or damaged after a drop. Unlike most of our competitors, we offer cost-effective on the spot back glass repairs that will make the back of your device look new again. If you crack the screen or back of your iPhone, it can allow moisture, dirt, or debris to enter overtime. That crack(s) will cause even further damage to your phone’s delicate components! So, the next time damage happens, make sure you give us a call as soon as possible!
Water Damage
Everyone knows that electronic devices and water don’t mix but did you also know that even the iPhone models that are water-resistant can still become damaged if they get wet or submerged underwater? Whenever your iPhone takes a splash, your best bet is to bring it by the Quick Mobile location nearest you so one of our expert Tech Gurus can do a quick diagnostic and make sure there is no further damage by the moisture. Remember, the longer you wait, the worse the damage can get, so don’t delay! When it comes to iPhones, no one compares to Quick Mobile Repair. Whether you are looking for a repair, case, charger, or any other accessory, we are here to help!
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