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iPhone Repair

Quick Mobile Repair in South Jordan


10384 River Heights Dr., Suite #100, South Jordan, UT 84095
On the north side of S. Jordan Parkway, east of Bangerter Highway
We’re in the same plaza as Walmart, right next to Burger King

Hours of Operation

Monday - Saturday: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Sunday: Closed

Mobile Repair in South Jordan

Expert iPhone repair in South Jordan

The nation’s FASTEST iPhone repair is available at Quick Mobile Repair, conveniently located in South Jordan in the Salt Lake Valley! With our unmatched service and affordable prices, we’ve spent years perfecting the art of iPhone screen repairs—and can typically complete yours in under 15 minutes.

Come find us at our South Jordan Parkway location, just off of Bangerter Highway, if you’ve got a damaged iPhone and see for yourself why we have become one of the nation’s fastest-growing device repair franchises! All of our expert Tech Gurus are highly trained and ready to handle any type damage that your device may have suffered, so we invite you to click HERE for a free diagnostic analysis with one of our technicians. We’re standing by to help get your iPhone looking and working like it’s brand new!

cell phone repair south jordan

Can you also fix the back of my iPhone?

The newest iPhones have glass covering just about every major surface—including the backs of them—which is why Quick Mobile Repair utilizes the latest in cutting-edge micro-laser technology to safely remove, repair and restore the rear glass of your device without damaging the delicate components inside. Unlike other repair shops that will try to insist on a complete frame swap to fix your device, which can be both costly and time-consuming, our unique rear glass repair process is designed to save you time and money!

Time for an upgrade?

If you’re looking to upgrade your iPhone, make Quick Mobile Repair in South Jordan your first stop! We carry a large selection of high-quality new and refurbished iPhones at prices that you won’t find anywhere else, saving you up to 30% compared to buying a comparable model directly from Apple. And we always stand behind our products, which is why each and every device we sell is backed by our free One-Year Warranty—so if you ever have any issues, come on back in and we will take care of it at no cost to you.

cell phone repair shop south jordan
phone repair south jordan

If you have battery problems, we have solutions!

Does your iPhone seem to run out of battery faster than it did in the past? Does it feel like you’re always looking for a charger to keep your device alive? Over time, iPhone batteries begin to degrade and as a result, they’re inclined to hold less power as time goes on. Quick Mobile Repair is happy to complete a free battery diagnostic test on your device, after which one of our expert technicians can give you an honest device evaluation and offer affordable battery solutions for your iPhone model.

Our free warranty guarantee

All repairs we complete come with our free One-Year Warranty to cover any manufacturer defects, incorrect component installation, or any problem that may have been inadvertently caused by either the manufacturer or Quick Mobile Repair.

We also offer our paid iPhone Accidental Screen Protection (ASP) Program, which is available in three packages:

phone repair south jordan


Benjamin - Store Leader

Benjamin — Store Leader

Benjamin’s main goal in life is to make other people happy, and whether that’s by repairing their broken smartphones or building hands-on projects in his spare time, he finds joy in setting his mind to a task and seeing his efforts pay off.

Quick Mobile Repair offers some of the fastest device repair times in the nation, with the average iPhone repair taking less than 15 minutes to complete. All repairs come with our One-Year Warranty, which is valid at all Quick Mobile Repair locations across the country.

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