As your best friend, your iPhone has probably gone through the thick and thin with you: from cross-country road trips to late nights at work, it’s be a welcome presence as a close tool. But with the overtime your iPhone has given you, it has probably seen some wear, tear, or even a cracked screen. Some problems are more common than others, such as a cracked screen or a malfunctioning charging port. Whatever the case, our cell phone repair store can fix all these common problems quickly, whether or not you are under a warranty.

Some common problems that we’ve seen with iPhones include:

1. Cracked Screen: One too many drops, especially without a case, can cause your screen to break. Even if it’s still functioning, it’s not the most attractive sight, and can also make it difficult to use later. We can easily replace a cracked screen in our shop, in under 30 minutes. And our prices are cheap for an out-of-warranty repair, so it’s worth bringing it in and fixing it before it goes awry.

2. Water Damage: It happens to everyone. That unlucky slip from a pocket or hand that brings your iPhone directly into the sink or toilet can cause your phone to water log. Fortunately, as long as you are careful and act quickly, your phone can survive an accidental swim. Before you DIY your phone to dry it out, take it to us as soon as possible. We have the necessary tools and experience to fix your phone because water damages the entire system.

3. Weak battery: After lots of use, the battery to an iPhone can get weak, needing constant recharging when it won’t hold juice for long. Batteries are easily replaceable, but replacing it needs a delicate touch by a professional in order to not ruin the internal components.

4. Broken charging port: Ports are sensitive to improper disconnection, and when left exposed, dirt, dust, and even moisture finds its way inside, making the ports malfunction. If you’re having problems charging your iPhone, and you know it’s not the battery or charging cable, bring it to us and we can replace it.

We also repair home buttons, power/volume buttons, cameras, and back housing. To learn more about our services, contact or visit us. We can get your phone as good as new in no-time.