When you get home from a long day of work or a busy day,
settling in and charging your phone back up is sort of a daily ritual. If
you’ve ever arrived home, plopped down in your seat and realized that your
phone wasn’t charging, this is your guide. Let’s look at some signs and reasons
the charging port is dying.

The wiggle of death

I think at some point we’ve all experienced this. You plug your cord into your

phone and… Nada. So you move it back and forth, and you see it charges for a
second and then goes away again. We try to wiggle frantically until we find the
perfect angle for it to finally charge, but it doesn’t. Here are some causes.

Is it your cord or wall adapter?

It is a good idea to look at these two before looking at
anything with the phone. First, try plugging only the USB cord into a computer,
laptop, or any USB port. If your phone charges, then it is most likely the
adapter that plugs into the wall. They are at most cell phone stores or gas
stations if you need one.

If it is does not charge, then try another USB cord and see if that works.
Lastly, try another outlet to see if there are issues with it. If after these
steps your phone does not want to charge, it may be time to look at the device

Could it be your charging port? Should I fix it myself?

If your phone has wireless charging and you have a pad for it, I would suggest trying it first. If it works, you at least know that it is just the charging port and not a deeper issue. Once we have tried all these steps, it may be time to call it and repair your charging port after all.

On most models, the charging port comes into contact with
different network cables, headphone jack, and even the vibration motor for your
phone. Unless you have experience, it is largely unadvised to switch these out
without guidance due to the possibility of damaging internal parts.

To check out charging repairs that start at 15 minutes and $49.99, check out
our prices for your specific model at quickmobilerepair.com

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