How much does it cost to repair an iPad?

Completing an iPad repair, especially on models like the iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad Air 3rd generation, iPad Mini 4 and iPad Mini 5th generation , is an intricate process that requires a careful step-by-step process in order to ensure it is done correctly and without error. Certain iPad models, including the iPad Pro, the newer iPad Air 2 and the others listed above, contain something that is referred to as a laminated display. A laminated display simply means that the LCD display and the touch screen glass is fused together in a single layer instead of being two separate layers like you would see with non-laminated iPad models like the iPad 1st generation through to the iPad 7th generation, iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 3. When the screen on a laminated iPad model becomes damaged, it requires a full LCD display and touch screen glass replacement which makes the repair process more advanced. This is why a repair on a newer iPad model is more expensive. It’s not a rip off, we promise! iPad repairs range from $80-250 depending on model, type of repair and severity of damage.

How long does it take to repair an iPad?

At Quick Mobile Repair, we follow a thorough multi-step repair process that starts by verifying the battery and charging port on the iPad are working properly, along with inspecting for further damages and issues that may not have initially been noticed by the owner. If any further issues are seen, for example, the iPad needs a battery replacement, the customer is notified before proceeding to ensure all problems with their device are resolved. If there are any issues with the charging port, it may require specialty soldering services by one of our Tech Gurus. The high quality replacement laminated screens we use come from the manufacturer preassembled with the LCD display and touch screen glass fused together creating the entire front panel that will be replaced during the iPad repair process. We use two layers of top quality adhesive to adhere the glass to the frame, ensuring that everything remains attached and in the right place, and in working condition for years to come. Following the replacement of the iPad’s broken screen, all of the device’s functions are tested numerous times to ensure that all internal connections with the device are properly made. The secondary features to be tested include but are not limited to the camera, speakers, fingerprint sensor or face identification (if applicable), charging port and wireless charging connector (if applicable). At Quick Mobile Repair, we go even further than other repair companies to check such things as the Bluetooth connectivity and other customer accessories are in proper working order as part of our complete iPad post-repair diagnostic. It is important to keep in mind that if your facial recognition or fingerprint identification was not functioning before the repair, it may have been a result of the damage to the laminated touch screen glass and LCD display. We take all necessary steps to ensure all aspects of your iPad are repaired during the process and will work with you if further services are needed such as a battery replacement. Although a majority or charging and battery issues may require soldering, sometimes it may be your charging cord. It is always important to make sure that you are utilizing quality chargers and accessories that are supported and rated for your specific iPad. For example, we carry MFI certified iPad chargers. Regardless of any iPad repair needs you may have, we offer a free diagnostic to pinpoint all possible issues to ensure that your repair gets done with the utmost quality and fastest turnaround time possible for your complete satisfaction. iPad repair generally takes 30 mins – 2 hours depending on model and repair. But no worries, we’ll give you a loaner phone and call you when it’s done.

 It is also important to note that any iPad frame damage will require your device to be reshaped in order for the new display to lay flush and avoid re-damaging the screen. Any frame damage will be assessed during the initial diagnostic and will be explained by your Tech Guru. Repairs on non-laminated iPad models will also go through a similar repair process as the laminated models. The main difference between laminated and non-laminated devices is that the touch screen glass and LCD display are separated and not part of one combined front panel. During the diagnostic of a non-laminated iPad, the technician will be able to see if only the touch screen glass is damaged, which can lead to a more straightforward repair, or if the LCD display is also damaged, requiring both to be replaced. Although both of these iPad repair processes are intricate, if your device has damage to the LCD screen or requires it to be replaced, it can be a much higher cost as this is the portion of your device that provides you with the actual picture display. All of our repairs come with a one-year warranty covering all part defects and with our wide range of accessories and tempered glass screen protectors, you can insure the longevity of your device. That is what professional iPad repair is.

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