My Samsung Back Glass Is Broken!

Long gone are the days of having a phone with a removable back. Unless you have an older Samsung or a Motorola, you may be questioning how to remove the rear of the phone to replace the battery, or just to replace the back of it with new glass! Let’s walk through exactly what is going on underneath the glass.

1.) How is at attached?

The back glass is a flat piece of glass that fits in the frame of the phone. There is usually a ring of adhesive that goes around the device that keeps it on the back of the phone. If it is cracked, It will need to be removed carefully with heat and the proper tools, otherwise it may crack more and create a dust cloud of tiny glass (not fun)

It is important to note that underneath the back glass is where your fingerprint sensor may be on newer models, it is important to make sure you don’t go too far past the edge, otherwise you may damage the cable there.

2.) How do I remove it? What tools do I need?

The thing that is most important is to have heat. Without heat it will shatter very easily. If you have a heat gun, try heating around the edges a bit at a time to loosen the adhesive. Now that it is heated up, we can start with the tedious part. You want to either use a suction cup to create a small opening or use a thin plastic card to create the opening in between the back of the phone and the glass. Once you have the opening, you can keep it open by inserting a thin plastic card or a guitar pick sized object. After you have your opening, keep heating and working along the edge with your pry tool or plastic card. It helps to drop a little alcohol on your tool to cut through the adhesive. Once you work all the way around, it should come off fairly easily.

How do I put it back on?

This part is fairly simple, the replacement back glass that you order may have adhesive already applied. If it doesn’t there is different types of adhesive and pre-made strips that can be used around the edge of the glass. Once you have this applied, you want to first connect any cables underneath, then lay the back glass back on to the frame. Be careful that it does not get caught on the camera or it may crack the glass again.

Don't want to risk it?

If all of this sounds like a huge headache and something that might go wrong, Quick Mobile Repair offers this service at all of our locations. We have the back glass for the majority of Samsung models and it only takes us 20 minutes or less to repair. On top of a 1-year warranty and low costs, it may be worth it to have us take care of it! Having broken glass is never fun and we’d like to help you get your Samsung back and stylish as soon as possible!