Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for the family and friends we have, and the numerous gifts we’ve been given. But for some of us, especially college students, we might be dreading the return trip home for the holiday. And it’s not about any mid-term grades or the new person you’re dating: that sense of dread might be over that new iPhone that’s now a cracked masterpiece.

It happens: late night studying doesn’t exactly make you the sharpest person around, especially when you’re balancing your iPhone and a pile of books down the library stairs at two in the morning. Your parents are probably proud of you for taking your studies so seriously, but you might not want to pull out your cracked screen when you step through your parents’ house. We know, it doesn’t exactly scream responsible adult, especially if you received your new iPhone for the school year. And if you want to avoid that conversation, we have a solution for you.

If you’re the clumsy student that needs an iPhone Screen Repair before Thanksgiving break with your parents, you can get a quick and easy one with our shop. Our repair prices are very competitive with other repair plans and shops, so you don’t have to worry about the price for getting a repair outside of the Apple store. In addition, we can finish your repair in less that 30 minutes, so your parents will never notice the quick stop to us right before you arrive home.

Don’t feel dread over Thanksgiving, and instead, feel thankful for easy and quick repair! With that, have a happy Thanksgiving with your family!