Getting an iPhone can be an exciting purchase, whether you are new to smartphones or are upgrading your old model. Here are our 5 top iPhone care tips to keep your phone in top shape, and in good hands.

1. Use a well-constructed case.

Getting a well-designed case can help you protect your iPhone from needing extensive repairs from drops, dirt, or water damage. The Otter cases sold at our stores are well-built for sound protection on any iPhone model. Coming in various colors and styles, each case comes with drop protection when your phone falls or bumps against hard surfaces, and scratch protection for your screen. The Defender series of Otter boxes provides 3 layers of protection, a built-in screen protector, and port covers to keep dust and dirt out of the sensitive ports. The commuter series also includes a wallet drawer to keep IDs, cards, and money inside.

2. Back up all your data.

While you’re keeping your physical phone safe, you should also remember to safeguard all your important data. Sync your phone on the cloud or to your computer frequently–either automatically through a wi-fi connection or by connecting your phone via a cable–saving any of your photos, videos, music, memos and more on a reliable source. If your phone ever gets lost, stolen, or damaged, you’ll be happy to have your important files kept safely.

3. Use a passcode lock and track your phone with an app.

Smartphones, especially iPhones, are prone to getting lost or stolen. To keep your phone safe, always activate a passcode setting to dissuade strangers from taking and using your phone. Also, downloading apps like “find my iPhone” can help you track your lost or stolen phone.

4. Take care of the battery.

Like any rechargeable battery, there is a maximum threshold that it can be recharged until it needs to be replaced. You can extend the longevity of your iPhone’s battery by changing a few of your phone’s settings. One way to keep the battery life from rapidly falling is to enable wi-fi, reduce the number of times you fetch data for apps like Mail, and keeping auto-brightness on for your screen.

5. Visit a quality, expert repair shop.


In the end, you can’t always predict what can happen to your phone, even when you take steps to avoid disasters. If you do find yourself with a broken iPhone screen, charging port, or buttons and need these repaired, visit us. We’ll fix up your phone in as little as 30 minutes at an affordable price.