Have a broken cell phone, but don’t know whether where to take it? Are you out of warranty and worried about the price? We got you covered for all your worries at our cell phone repair store. Here are three reasons why you should come in with your phone to us.

1. It’s cheaper. Many phone owners won’t get their screens fixed because of the sticker price for a repair on an item that’s out-of-warranty. However, we offer competitive prices for repairs that are affordable for owners and cheaper than average price ranges for out-of-warranty repairs. We also offer a 30-day warranty, no questions asked, for repairs we do on your mobile device.

2. Quick service. At many places, you might encounter long waits or multiple meetings over a repair. It can be frustrating to call in day after day, and not know when you’ll receive your phone back. If you want quick service to get your phone as good as new, we have repairs on iPhones done in 30 minutes, and other products within a day or two. There’s no need to ship it out and spend weeks waiting, constantly wondering when your phone or tablet will get back. You bring it in, and you get it back, simple as that.

3. Quality repairs. We’ve come across many who have came to us as a last resort, especially after trying (and failing) to repair their phones on their own. Sometimes, these customers come with stories of also being scammed by online deals for repair kits that don’t work. By visiting us, you’re going to get a quality, quick repair by an expert, versus trying to do-it-yourself. At our repair store, you’re guaranteed that we will have the right materials for your broken iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tablet. There’s no worry about ordering parts that are actually wrong for your phone, or getting scammed out of quality materials.

So what are you waiting on? Come in and visit us for a quick repair today.