Why The Qcard?

You may have seen some of our ads or stopped in for your repair you might have heard about our new program, the Qcard! You’ve seen how it can save 10% on everything in store (repairs included) and how you can get unlimited tempered glasses applied on your phone, but we want to explain more behind why we started Qcard.

Tempered Glass Currently..

One of the biggest frustrations that we found people had about tempered glass was that #1 – it is expensive. Normally tempered glass can be $30, and you are lucky if you get 2. The worst part being that you have to apply it by yourself! If it breaks, you’re out of luck (and another $30)

We Apply It For You!

So solution number one, we always apply tempered glass for you. We’ve applied thousands and have a process to make sure that it is applied correctly. It takes us a minute or less vs having to tinker with it for way too long. Every employee at Quick Mobile Repair has dealt with this before working here. That’s why we understand that it’s definitely something we could do better!

Get More Discounts!

Solution number two, you get %10 off of everything in store. When I say everything, I do mean every repair, accessory, cable, or new phone purchase. We want to make it a painless experience if you do break your phone, and that means having access to great pricing, and a warranty to stand behind our work. We want to be your turnkey solution for phone repair and accessories.

What if I have more than 2 devices?

A good question we’ve gotten is “what if I have family or a friend?”? The $9.99 a month plan gives you two devices under your plan. This means that your significant other, friend, or child can be on the plan for no extra charge. If you have 3 or more devices, there is our family plan for $17.99 a month that covers up to FIVE devices! That means tempered glass for all 5 phones, plus a nice %10 discount on everything else!

To wrap up...

If this sounds like something that can provide you value, you can sign up on our website or stop by one of our 5 locations to sign up in person! All you need to start is $29.97 for the 2 device-plan and $53.97 for the family plan (3-month up front) From there, enjoy your tempered glass and savings!