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Leslie C. (Yelp) 5.0 Star Rating 5/4/2016

For some time when attempting to charge my iPhone I have had to wiggle and contort the charging cord in the charging port in order to get it charging.
Dropped in yesterday and told the gentleman that I thought I needed a new charging port installed. He took it in the back and in 60 seconds he came back out and deposited a wad of lint on the counter.  Aside from feeling dumb, I was grateful that he was so honest and had such a quick and easy solution. I asked how much and of course he said no charge. I gave him 10 bucks anyway.  Really nice to have such an honest business and they have earned my loyalty if I ever need any repairs to any of my devices.

Jacob C. (Yelp) 5.0 Star Rating 8/17/2016

Stopped by cause I wasn’t sure if I bought a bad batch of usb cables or if my phone’s usb/charge port was dying. A quick check indicated the usb port was fine. Really appreciate not charging an outrageous diagnostic fee; and in return I bought a usb cable + charger that’s holding up a lot better than the cheapies I bought from monoprice.

Brian M. (Yelp) 5.0 star rating 8/30/2016

I had a great experience.  Next day turn around on a Badly damaged iPad.    I will gladly recommend quick mobile repair.

Megan F. Scottsdale, AZ (Yelp) 5.0 Star Rating 9/16/2016

Glad I found this place. They fixed my shattered iPad screen in under 24 hours for a reasonable price. They even threw in a free iPhone charger. I wish I could remember the name of the gentleman who helped me. He was so courteous. When I went to pick my iPad up, it was over 100 degrees outside, and I had my infant daughter with me. He ran my iPad outside when he saw me pull up, so that I didn’t have to take her out of the car seat and into the sun. Thoughtful service like that is hard to come by. I would much rather come here than deal with my phone manufacturer. Thank you for everything!

Dana S. Phoenix, AZ (Yelp) 5.0 star rating 5/28/2015

We fix three phones at Quick Mobile Repair. All three were easy as can be!  They are very helpful patient and efficient.  Without having to upgrade our phones we’ve been able to save money with our phone service.I would highly recommend them.


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