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Common iPhone Problems

What is the most common problem for iPhones? The most common problem for all models is a cracked iPhone screen which requires the glass to be replaced. We are known

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Professional iPad Repair

How much does it cost to repair an iPad? Completing an iPad repair, especially on models like the iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad Air 3rd generation, iPad Mini 4

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I can’t hear my calls

There may be nothing more annoying than not being able to hear an important call. Whether it is business or personal, hearing the person on the other line is a must! Let’s walk through some steps to start hearing your phone calls clearly. 1. Check your volume This is typically a simple thing to check for. Don’t get tripped up on this step! There are two types of volume. Regular volume and call volume. Adjusting the main volume won’t affect the call settings……

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What’s Inside Your Phone?

Smartphones are everywhere but we don’t often think about what goes into making one. In partnership with Revolution, we’ve created an infographic that shows you what’s inside of your smartphone and what

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Why The Qcard?

Why The Qcard? You may have seen some of our ads or stopped in for your repair you might have heard about our new program, the Qcard! You’ve seen how

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