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Quick Mobile Repair in Fountain Hills


16605 E Palisades Blvd. #120 Fountains Hills, 85268
By Bashas on the corner of La Montana Dr & Palisades Blvd

Hours of operation

Monday - Friday: 9:00 A.M to 7:00 P.M
Saturday: 10:00 A.M to 6:00 P.M
Sunday: Closed

The Fastest iPhone Repair in Fountain Hills, AZ

We are happy to provide the community of Fountain Hills with the fastest iPhone repair in 15 minutes! Having to operate a broken device can be frustrating and lead to stress in your life. Quick Mobile Repair is here to take care of all your device needs, whenever they happen and without any delay! With our expert team of trained device repair specialists, we are standing by and ready to solve any and all problems you may be having. Along with iPhones, Samsung phones, and other Androids, we also specialize in repairing other Apple products such as iPads, iMacs, MacBooks, as well as other desktop and laptop computers too much more. Our services do not stop at physical damages on your device. Whatever device or issue you are having, you can bring it in for a 100% free diagnostic and a cost-effective price quote.

Ten years ago, we opened our first location in Scottsdale, AZ. Today we continue to provide the same reliable and affordable repair services to any customer that walks in our door.

Sometimes your device may require a specialty part to be ordered; however, this only happens a fraction of the time. For a majority of devices and repairs, we provide a same day solution to your problem. During those uncommon times where we do need to order a part for you, we will ensure that you are stress-free by providing you with updates on the part and repair to keep you in the loop! When the device needing to be repaired is an iPhone, we provide the ONLY 15-minute repair in the Phoenix area, which is the reason why Quick Mobile Repair is the FASTEST iPhone repair solution on the market!

iphone repair in fountain hills

Best Computer Repair in Fountain Hills Guaranteed

Here is a list of Computer, laptop, MacBook, and iMac repair services that we offer:
computer repair in fountain hills

So, What Does it Cost to Fix My Phone?

All prices depend on the brand, model, and device. For example, if you have an iPhone 8 with screen damage, it costs around $90 to replace, but an iPhone 11 will cost around $150 for the same repair. You are able to get a real-time quote from the repair portal, and you can also call the store at 602-753-4461 for any device you may have. We ask that all of our customers remember that a secondary internal issue may be causing a problem and remain unnoticed until we inspect the internals of the device, and after we provide you with a free diagnostic, then we can give you the most accurate price.

We can repair all devices, no matter what they are! Unlike our competitors, we utilize top of the line parts for all of our repair services.

Stop By When Your iPhone or iPad Is Doing This

Do you ever find yourself thinking: What is wrong with my phone? Why is my phone having problems? What is the reason my touch is not working on my iPhone? Or Why did my iPhone become disabled? We have seen these issues and many more that you may not have ever experienced. We have a detailed list of all problems regarding various devices, so you should contact us anytime you have a question or when your device is having issues functioning.

We offer the same advice for iPads, Tablets, Computer, and Game Consoles too. When you have issues with the display, or it seems like your device is not acting normally, please contact us immediately. The more you wait to call or stop by, the problem can continue to get much worse. The faster you can get your device into our expert Tech Gurus, the better the chance is that you will save time and money getting it repaired.

Repair Services:

This list is not exclusive, and we cannot fit all of our professional repair solutions on one page, so it is important to remember, no matter the device and no matter the repair, give our Tech Gurus a call or visit any of our convenient locations whenever you are experiencing any issues. Quick Mobile Repair is the #1 device repair company in the Phoenix area, so there is no one better to trust! We promise to always be open and honest with our customers regarding our prices, and we will always give unmatched customer service to resolve any issues you may have. It is also our promise to never charge you for simple things like labor on putting on a tempered glass screen protector.

ipad repair in fountain hills

Need an Electronic Device Repair Shop Close to You?

We are the top iPhone, cell phone, tablet, and computer repair store in the community of Fountain Hills, AZ. We are located conveniently at E Palisades Blvd and N La Montana Dr to serve the entire community for every electronics repair need. We also have locations in Scottsdale, Peoria, North Phoenix, and Central Phoenix. So next time you need a repair, give us a call or stop by any of our Phoenix area locations!

Every Quick Mobile Repair location has strict sanitary regulations, unmatched by anyone. We will always disinfect your device thoroughly upon receiving them and before returning them to you. Our cleanliness standards are in place to protect you as your health and safety is always our top priority. So come on by and experience our 15 minute iPhone repair solutions!

Warranty Programs

Free Warranty

All repairs (computer, iPhone, etc.) come with a 1-year manufacturer defect warranty covering defective parts, poor installation, or any problem caused by the manufacturer or quick mobile repair.

iphone repair in fountain hills
Paid Warranty:
 “iPhone ASP Program” Accidental screen protection comes in 3 packages:


David - Store Leader

David – Store Leader

David is the store manager at Quick Mobile Repair – Fountain Hills. He has over 25 years experience, who in his free time enjoys vacationing with his family. He has a wealth of knowledge in the IT and electronic industry and is a absolute pleasure to work with. Come in to see why David is the talk of town!

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