When we break our phones, the most common reaction is to ask, “How
much will it cost to fix?” The biggest factors in the cost of a repair fall on two things, which model you have, and whether it is the glass, or the
LCD underneath. We’ll dive in to why this is, and how you can tell which one is



There are essentially three layers that exist on your phone:



1. The Glass – This is the top layer of the phone. It can take quite a bit
of beating before breaking, and it contains and protects the other layers
underneath while still allowing for a good picture. This is fairly easy to tell
if you’ve cracked or not, just look for any small cracks,
“spiderwebbed” cracks, or if the glass is lifting, it may need to be

2. The Digitizer – This is layer 2 out of 3. It is the part of the phone

that makes the screen respond to touch. The biggest symptom of this part not
working is when certain buttons or areas of your phone don’t respond to your
finger. It’s a good sign you might need a replacement.

3. The LCD – When you take a look at the iPhone XR for example, they boast a 1792×828 resolution with 326 Pixels per square inch. The LCD is responsible for the image on your screen. When this breaks, you may find that your device is still powered, however you won’t be able to see any picture at all. This is a pretty clear indication that it is no longer working due to damage. Sometimes the LCD doesn’t completely break, you will be able to see black dots, green lines, or a portion of the screen just won’t show. One thing to mention is that Samsung phones on most carriers have a secret code that shows you how to test your LCD. It is found here:

Samsung galaxy hidden menu

My surefire process is to first check the model of my phone. If you don’t know how to do that, we have a guide here:


After that, you want to verify if the LCD is broken or not. If you aren’t
familiar with the process in step #3 you can always bring it to a technician
who will verify which parts are broken.
Then all I do is call for a quote with this information, and you will receive
the most accurate quote for your phone repair.

As well, Quick Mobile Repair techs are always on staff if you want a second
opinion. Call or stop in and we can diagnose your device for free!