With so many models, looking for help with an android phone repair can feel like a daunting task. Some Android owners might feel like they “shouldn’t bother” with repairing their cracked screens, since tutorials online or shops in town might only advertise an iPhone repair. But not so! Whether you have cracked your Samsung or LG brand phone, we have the solution for you.

Why visit us for your Android repair?

Saves you time and money. If you wanted to DIY your Samsung or LG repair, you’ll spend a lot of time finding the right parts of your model, in addition to spending time on the repair process itself. In addition, ordering a DIY kit might mean ordering a faulty or fake repair set, causing you to waste money. At Quick Mobile Repair, we don’t have to guess on which parts you’ll need, and can repair your phone in a timely manner.

Not limited to cellphones. We can also do repairs on Samsung Galaxy Tablets, in addition to cellphones, so all your mobile tech devices can be put back together in perfect condition.

We give you the option to keep or upgrade. You’ve probably spotted those commercials for the new G Flex 2 by LG while watching your favorite shows on Hulu, and maybe you’re itching for an upgrade, especially after you’ve cracked your current droid. We’ll offer to buy your old phone from you, giving you a little bit more cash in your wallet for your next smartphone. We also buy, sell, trade and recycle phones we get in the shop, so you’ll have plenty to choose from or trade for when you come in.

So don’t keep toting around your cracked Android; bring it in today and we’ll get it looking brand new.