It’s finally happened: after one too many drops, the screen to your iPhone has cracked, and you’ve joined the thousands of owners that walk around with a cracked screen. Sometimes functions properly, other times, you can’t pick up calls or recognize what is on your screen. Do you go the DIY route for your iPhone repair? Or pick a professional service? Here are three reasons to go with the latter, and save much time, money and grief.

1. DIY kits are commonly frauds. Many people might find an amazing deal on eBay for a DIY iPhone repair kit, and immediately buy it to get around costly fixes. However, these same people have found that their packages only include a glass screen, which is completely useless for newer iPhone models that need the glass, digitizer, and LCD built together. And because returns are unlikely, you might end up spending $300 on nothing.

2. It takes time and patience. Even if you find a complete repair kit, doing it yourself can take a lot of time, especially for someone daunted by the task of breaking open their expensive phone and screwing something up. It takes a lot of patience, and can be a stressful experience. Allowing a professional to repair it will only take 30 minutes, and at Quick Mobile Repair, we guarantee our work for up to 30 days, ensuring that you get your phone repaired correctly.

3. It’s not always cost-effective. Overall, DIY kits might be cheaper than your local repair store, but again, it’s not guaranteed that what you get will hold up. Some kits are cheaper because the quality of the parts. And it can be a lot harder to know when your kit is defective or if your home repair was done correctly. If you have to spend more time and money shipping back kits or buying a completely new one, you should instead consider a quick-result, no-risk repair with us.

So keep your DIY projects and money to a less stressful project, and let us repair your iPhone affordably and quickly. We can get you in and out with your phone looking brand new in just 30 minutes, with no worries.