According to CNN Money, the average 2014 tax refund so far has been $3120. A generous tax refund is a great reason to invest in the gadgets you’ve wanted all year. But what if you have other plans for your money? Consumer Reports suggests that to save hundreds of dollars per year on electronics, consumers should shop for previous-generation devices and sell any unused gadgets to offset the price of a new phone or tablet. Refurbished items also offer a substantial discount on a great device.

That’s where Quick Mobile Repair comes in. Stretch your refund dollars further by investing in a new or used iPhone, iPad, or Android device from Quick Mobile Repair. We will even buy your old phone or tablet!

Another great way to save money this season is to have your devices repaired instead of replaced. A cracked screen or faulty battery may render an iPhone worthless in the eyes of the Genius Bar, but at Quick Mobile Repair, we’ll fix what’s broken quickly and competently. Quick Mobile Repair offers iPhone repair, iPad repair, and screen repair on many  devices. We care about our customers, and we offer clear and honest pricing. Check out our repair pricing options here.

We want to hear from you! What are your plans for your 2014 tax refund? Are you saving for a new gadget or are you planning to repair the one you have now?

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