7 easy ways to protect your device

From screen protectors to battery maintenance, these helpful tips will keep your device looking (and functioning) like it’s brand new

While our smartphones, tablets and computers have become more advanced over the past decade, their ultra-thin shells and delicate internal components have also become more fragile. Long gone are the days of using cell phones like the Nokia 3310—lovingly dubbed a “brick phone” because of its rumored indestructibility—now that cutting-edge devices made of glass and aluminum from the likes of Apple, Samsung and other leading brands have taken over the market.

Here are 7 of Quick Mobile Repair’s top tips to help keep your smartphone, laptop, tablet or other mobile device from breaking:

Invest in a sturdy case

Protective cases, particularly for smartphones and tablets, come in all shapes, sizes and colors—but not all of them are created equal. These days, many cases tend to be more decorative than sturdy, which is why we recommend purchasing a tough case from a trusted brand such as Incipio, ItSkins, or Nimbus. If you’re unsure of what case would best suit your needs, give Quick Mobile Repair a call or come see us as your nearest location, where one of our certified Tech Gurus would be happy to walk you through your options.

Consider a tempered glass screen protector

While a durable case is great for safeguarding your device from unwanted chips, scrapes and frame damage, most will only provide limited protection for the screen, leaving it vulnerable to scratches or cracks if it’s dropped at just the right angle. To prevent this, think about purchasing a tempered glass screen protector! Built with an ultra-thin layer of glass sandwiched between tough, translucent plastic layers (similar to your car’s windshield), this affordable accessory can be installed in seconds and will absorb most screen damage, leaving your phone unscathed. 

Think about a ‘cover-all’ case

If you work in a particularly dusty, wet or impact-prone environment, you may want to invest in a “cover-all” case that goes beyond just the outer edge of your smartphone or tablet. These will often include removable covers for the charging port and speakers, and may even feature a full-frame plastic cover that goes on top of the screen, giving your device an added layer of protection against dust and liquid damage. Talk to your local Quick Mobile Repair technician about these cases today.

Keep the battery healthy

Just like the AA batteries powering a TV remote or a flashlight, the built-in battery inside your smartphone or tablet will wear down over time. In fact, some device batteries may only last a couple of years before they start to degrade! To keep them healthy for as long as possible, we recommend being mindful of how and when you charge: try to avoid leaving your device plugged in overnight; wirelessly charge when possible; and avoid strenuous use, like streaming a movie, while it’s connected to power. Quick Mobile Repair is pleased to offer free, no-strings-attached battery diagnostic testing for all devices at our locations nationwide.

Don’t forget to protect your privacy, too

Today, our mobile devices contain more sensitive personal information than ever before, which is why Quick Mobile Repair always recommends taking data privacy measures to secure your smartphone, tablet or computer. For its screen, consider purchasing a “privacy protector”—not unlike a computer screen in a doctor’s office, this high-tech glass accessory only lets you use your device from a straight-on angle and prevents people from looking at your screen over your shoulder. But don’t forget to protect your software, either: installing ad blockers, investing in a reliable VPN and running monthly anti-virus scans are just a few of the steps you can take.

Opt for a comprehensive protection plan

While Quick Mobile Repair is designed to make getting your device fixed a fast, accessible and affordable process, some repairs can get expensive, especially for high-end devices. That’s why we suggest enrolling in a manufacturer’s or third-party protection plan, giving you complete peace of mind about any device issues that may arise. If you have an iPhone, for example, consider opting into QMR’s iPhone Accidental Screen Protection (ASP) Program, which offers benefits including free phone cases and complimentary screen repairs.

If your device is damaged, fix it ASAP

The simple fact is that mobile devices can break, no matter what protective steps you take. But if your smartphone, tablet or computer is facing an issue—no matter how small it may seem—Quick Mobile Repair suggests getting it diagnosed and repaired as soon as you can to avoid the problem potentially getting worse. For instance, we can repair a cracked iPhone screen in under 15 minutes… But waiting to get it fixed can leave your phone’s internal hardware exposed to water, dust and additional damage, turning a simple repair into a costly and time-consuming ordeal.